Kuleana asks her roommate Bernard Sanchez if he found a date to bring to her birthday party. Bernard says he hasn’t been able to find anyone, and he doesn’t want to attend the party without a date. Kuleana doesn’t want Bernard to miss her party, so she suggests that Bernard can ask their neighbor Payton Preslee to be his date. Bernard doesn’t think that’s going to work, because he’s pretty sure that Payton is a lesbian. Kuleana doesn’t believe him, and says she’ll go over to talk to Payton herself. Kuleana visits Payton’s apartment, and explains the situation. However, Payton confirms that Bernard was right, because she really IS a lesbian. Kuleana becomes curious and asks Payton questions about what being a lesbian is like, including how sex between women works. As Payton answers the questions, Kuleana admits that she thinks Payton is attractive, and wonders what that means. They start to kiss, then they undress and Payton lets Kuleana taste her breasts and pussy. Looks like Bernard’s out of luck, but Kuleana is in for a GREAT time!